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It’s time to get in vacation mode and leave your responsibilities behind! But before you go, make sure that your plant babies are accounted for — you’ve taken such good care of them and would hate to see them withering away when you return. There are solutions to this that are quick, frugal and long-lasting. We’re here to prove that your plants don’t need a babysitter because we have six self-watering methods to take care of all your plants, even the sensitive ones! Each vacation plant watering system will put you at ease while hitting the beach.

Use the menu below to skip to a specific method you’d like to learn more about:

Method One: Glass Bottle Solution

Don’t throw away your bottle of sauvignon blanc once it’s empty — bottles are great for taking care of plants that need watering every day while you’re away. Or use this method on a daily basis to create less watering work for you. If the bottle has an interesting design, it can also be a creative and fun decoration to add to your planter or pot. Make sure you use a bottle with a cap and not a cork. This solution may be reused as well by simply refilling the bottle after your plant drinks all the water.

Step 1: Puncture holes in cap.

Use pliers to remove the plastic film inside the cap. Then, take a nail and hammer it through the aluminum cap, creating five mini holes. To make sure you don’t warp the cap, start by nailing the hole from the inside of the cap.

Step 2: Fill the bottle with water.

Take the bottle off the cap and fill to the brim with water. Put the cap back on the lid.

Step 3: Place the bottle into soil.

Dig a hole in the soil of the plant you’ll be watering. Put the bottle (cap side first) into the hole you dug. Refill after a long weekend!

Method Two: Houseplant Bath

You take baths, you may have bathed a pet before, but did you know you can bathe your plants? Yes, you definitely can have your plants soak up some bath water while you’re gone for the week. Keep in mind that this method works best for plants that require a lot of water, like tropical plants and plants that don’t require much sun since the bathroom is usually the room with the least amount of light.

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